Why is it getting so much attention?

Data have emerged showing that testosterone levels in the general population are declining. Not declining by age but rather the testosterone levels of a 45 year old guy today are substantially less than those of a 45 year old guy in 1990. When you combine that with the fact that we’re living a lot longer, and need to be “in the mix” for a few more decades – sub-optimal testosterone levels are becoming even more important to address.

Why treat Low Testosterone?

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • Poor erectile function
  • Decreased sexual performance
  • Loss of muscle and loss of strength
  • Increase in body fat
  • Fatigue
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • Increased risk for  type 2 diabetes
  • Increased risk for depression and anxiety

Replacement therapy may help to:

  • Boost libido and sex drive
  • Increase mood and energy levels
  • Greater muscle mass
  • Improve erection problems
  • Improve blood sugar regulation in diabetic patients.
  • Improve self esteem and confidence

How Our Low T Program Works

Private, convenient, and customized.


Schedule an appointment

Book a consultation with one of our doctors in NYC or Los Angeles.


Answer health questions

These questions cover your health history, symptoms, and any experience with Low T treatments.


Lab work

Have lab results within the past 180 days? Great! If not, we’ll help you get blood work done at a spot convenient to you. 


Evaluation with a doctor

Your doctor will perform a physical exam, lab results, and discuss treatment options.


Customized plan

If lab results are available, your doctor will be able to customize your treatment plan on the spot.


Begin treatment

A pharmacy delivers your treatment in a discreet package directly to your door. Boom! You’re on your way to a stronger, more energized and virile you!

3, 6 and 12-Month Low T Treatment Program

If you join Rev for Men as a member, a Rev-contracted doctor will provide a prescription for a 3-month supply of medications, including all the supplies, training, and clinical support you'll need for $589*.

* Discounts for 6-month and 12-month commitments.


The Low T Program at Rev

At Rev, the doctors we work with can check your testosterone levels with a simple blood test performed anywhere in the US. If you do have low testosterone levels and symptoms that are limiting your quality of life and enjoyment of sex, they can be easily treated.

There are several treatment options available such as gels, patches, or injections that increase the amount of testosterone in your body. Our Low T program includes close physician monitoring of the necessary lab work and prescription management. In addition, Dr. Keyes, Dr. Gerard, and their staff are available to assist patients at any time during therapy. Along with nutritional guidance and expert fitness resources, restoring testosterone levels to optimal levels may help reverse some of the most common symptoms experienced by the men we serve.


Our Commitment to You

As a Rev member, here's what you can expect:

  • Physician lab review, assessment, and treatment plan
  • Ongoing physician monitored testosterone restoration
  • Claim assistance when insurance coverage is available
  • Access to nutritional and fitness counseling resources
  • Concierge medical service at an affordable cost
  • Overnight delivery available at the pharmacies we use

Is it Safe?

When properly done, restoring testosterone has been repeatedly shown to be safe. There is no scientific evidence that testosterone causes prostate cancer or heart disease. Twenty years ago it was the prevailing theory, but the data haven’t tilted us any closer to that conclusion. To the contrary, there is increasing scientific evidence that testosterone may actually have a protective effect against heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer's dementia. 

However, if you already have prostate cancer, there is a possibility that restoring your testosterone levels may accelerate the cancer's growth and is, therefore, inadvisable.

And, above all, a respectful, professional and sex-positive culture designed to serve you.


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That’s why we’re focused directly on our own brothers, ensuring the best possible experiences.