Book a Video/Telemedicine Consultation with Us

If you can’t come to one of our Office Locations, we offer a limited number of Video/Telemedicine Consultations for our EP - Trimix Program. Follow these steps to request an appointment;

  1. Use the form below to request a Consultation

  2. Complete an Intake Form

  3. Complete a Medical Consent Form

  4. Pay for the Consultation $99, Order a ‘Test Kit’ of medication and supplies $349

  5. Schedule a day/time convenient to one of our doctors and yourself

*In order to be eligible for a Video/Telemedicine Consultation, you must be experienced with injecting yourself

Trimix Consultation - Your Video/Telemedicine Consultation includes a 30 minute exam and a Trimix test dose to determine your response. If treatment is right, our program is $349 and includes a prescription for 500 units of medication or 30-50 doses, depending on your dosage requirements. An average of $7 - $12 per dose.

If you have questions please email us at, call us (917) 397-4738

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