Book a Video/Telemedicine Consultation with Us

If you can’t come to one of our Office Locations, we offer a limited number of Video/Telemedicine Consultations for our EP - Trimix Program. Follow these steps to request an appointment;

  1. Use the form below to request a Consultation

  2. Complete an Intake Form

  3. Complete a Medical Consent Form

  4. Pay for the Video Consultation and ‘Treatment Kit’ of medication, injectable antidote, administration supplies and travel cooler - all for $499

  5. One of our nurse specialists will reach out to you to prepare you for the video consultation with the doctor.

  6. Once you’ve received your kit and supplies, we’ll schedule our video consultation between you and the doctor to confirm your injection technique.

*In order to be eligible for a Video/Telemedicine Consultation, you must be experienced with injecting yourself

Trimix Consultation and Ongoing Treatment - Your Video/Telemedicine Consultation includes a 30 minute evaluation/discussion, and a self-administered Trimix test dose to determine your response and ensure the safety of your injection technique. Following the consultation, you and your doctor will establish your optimal treatment dose. You’ll receive instructions using the treatment kit of 500 units of medication (roughly 30-50 doses, or $7-12 per dose, depending on your dosage requirements).

If you have questions please email us at, call us (917) 397-4738

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