For Clinical Professionals - Looking to Expand Your Offering?

Rev is on the lookout for Physicians and other Clinical Professionals who share our commitment to sexual health for men who have sex with men (MSM). Rev is using a proprietary diagnostic and treatment process to provide personalized treatment programs using Trimix and other penile injection therapies that enable most men to enjoy the healthy, active sex life they want to have.

If you’d like to expand your portfolio of services within your practice, REV can help you with the technical training in injection therapies, and the marketing and vertical infrastructure (including pharmacy) in order to add these cash-based services in your office.

Are you traveling to one of the many social events for MSM (such as Bear Week, a Pride celebration, Southern Decadence, Folsom, IML, etc.)? Do you enjoy meeting men, and teaching them about health or perhaps demonstrating self-injection technique? If you share our interest in peak sexual health for men, especially in settings where guys gather for social events to celebrate the joy of sex, join us. We’d welcome hearing from you. 

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