Trimix Demo and Pre-Party at Leatherwerks FAQs

Do I need to RSVP for the REV Tuesday Trimix Workshop?

NO. This workshop is provided to you as a part of the Pig Week programming. REV is providing the clinical expertise to share insights into how to make Trimix use safe and effective. There’s no charge for Pig Week participants. Space is limited though, so it’s first cum, first served. Just show up at the Leatherwerks venue on Tuesday evening and bring your Trimix dose if you have it.

How do I get to the Trimix workshop?

Leatherwerks is located at 1226 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale 33304. Because of limited parking, attendees are being advised to Uber or Lyft their way to Leatherwerks. There will be lockers available if you need to change clothes. Please avoid, if possible, bringing valuables to the workshop and party. 

Can I buy an injection of Trimix at the Trimix Workshop?

NO. Trimix is a prescription drug, and as such, is NOT for sale. If you have Trimix bring your dose to the workshop as there will be several experienced users to provide insight and tips to help you use it more effectively. If you do NOT have Trimix but would like to be evaluated for a prescription, you may either see your doctor, OR schedule an evaluation with the REV professionals during Pig Week.  

So, how can I get Trimix for the workshop and party to follow on Tuesday?

For attendees who don’t currently have Trimix for use, they can book an evaluation ASAP at our Beach Resort or Wilton Manors locations Sunday through Tuesday, November 25-27. There are both Private and Group Evaluations available to make the experience closer to your style, and more accessible. The last evaluation will be that Tuesday at 5:30 pm.

How much does the Trimix evaluation and treatment package cost?

First time Private Evaluation and Trimix injection for PigWeek dog tag holders is discounted at $59 (usual price, $99). The Group Evaluation is free for Pig Week dog tag holders, (usual price, $20). After your evaluation and initial injection, dog tag holders can buy the treatment package for use at the Trimix Workshop, all throughout Pig Week, and for months to follow for $279 (usual price, $349). The treatment package consists of unlimited access to the doctor and team by phone, text, email, videoconference, face-to-face and even house calls in select locations as well as multiple-dose medication vial, injectable antidote, needle clipper, syringes/supplies and everything you need to use the medication safely and effectively.

What forms of payment does REV accept?

REV accepts most credit cards and cash. REV does not take personal checks. 

Will I be able to refrigerate my extra medication at the workshop?

Leatherwerks will not be able to refrigerate your medication at the workshop. We recommend you bring a pre-filled syringe to the event. As part of our treatment package, REV provides a handy pre-filled syringe carrying case, that will slip perfectly into any large pocket, little bag or long sock. You’ll want that for those special party events!

Do I have to inject myself at the workshop? 

One of main purposes of the workshop is to teach men who want to use Trimix to overcome their fears or hesitancies about self-injection and feel comfortable and skilled injecting Trimix to the penis. Trained REV staff will be present to guide you through the injection. You’ll be surprised how easy it really is.

How long will my erection last?

You will learn that the response to Trimix will vary considerably among men. That’s why your doctor has selected a dose that he or she feels is appropriate for you.  At REV, you’ll work with the doctor to achieve an erection for the duration of play that you prefer – there’s no “cookie cutter” approach, since we all play differently.

What if my erection lasts longer than I want after my injection? 

At the time of your evaluation prior to the Trimix Workshop, the REV physician will give you contact information so that you can advise him of the results of your injection, whether you attend the Leatherwerks workshop or not. Should you experience difficulty with your erection, you must contact him immediately and he will tell you how to handle the matter. Moreover, REV staff also will be attending the Leatherwerks party after the workshop and will be happy to offer assistance, if needed.

Will I be naked for the workshop?

You are not required to be naked at the workshop. If you want to inject Trimix during the session, you will need to remove your pants to the extent that you can inject the medication effectively. If getting naked allows you to feel the most comfortable to inject Trimix, by all means, get naked!

Is there sex during the workshop? 

We’re supposed to say “no”, but the answer is “yes, there will be a ton of sex”. The workshop is designed for a “lecture, discussion, medication administration” format. If you don’t already know, Chad Bush and his men of Pig Week have organized a HUGE sex party at Leatherwerks right after the workshop. We at REV recognize that it will be challenging to control your excitement from a highly charged, rock-hard erection, and participants are free to step aside and, well, start their party early.

I might want to befriend other users of Trimix to continue learning and sharing experiences with it. Can REV help me locate other users? 

For reasons of medical confidentiality, REV does not identify its clients. You are always free to contact REV staff to answer questions and/or seek further guidance. Or simply look for the men with the hardest cock and longest-lasting erection. Giving men the confidence to enjoy sex every time and anytime is our only business.