We recognize the importance of sex in a man’s life. That’s why we coordinate a customized evaluation to optimize your sexual performance. We use all available options, including Testosterone and Trimix treatments; our mission is helping you achieve better sex, more sex, and healthier sex.

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When it comes to enjoying sex, there are speed bumps we encounter including sex drive (libido) and energy. The first hurdle to clear is having the interest and energy for sex.

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If you’ve noticed that you have trouble getting or staying hard, don’t sell yourself short thinking “I’m too old” or “I’m too out of shape” or “I’m on medication that makes it impossible to get it up.” There’s help to improve your performance.

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The active agent we use at Rev is Trimix, a safe and effective combination of three compounds that has been used for decades with great success in men who want more from their erections.


Rev-contracted doctors are committed to the improvement of men’s sexual performance and providing solutions that fulfill the needs and preferences of men who have sex with other men.

Testimonials from Rev clients

"I answered an ad for Rev and had heard of the product Trimix, but not necessarily positive stories about its use as a “street drug” and being dosed and used without appropriate physician supervision, landing people in emergency rooms for urgent treatment of priapism (extended duration erections over 4 hours).

I am a healthy and fit gay man in my early 50s and regularly have used an erectile dysfunction medication for over a decade. I was motivated however to contact Rev for a physician referral to inform myself about Trimix, since Viagra or Cialis frequently gave me a headache and other negative side effects when I used it. 

At my Rev appointment, I was greeted by the Rev team and was put immediately at ease by their professionalism, before I got to see a physician, Dr. Craig, who dispelled the myths of Trimix for me. I learned that the drug is administered by a very small needle that was easy to tolerate. He assured me that, if used with the advice and supervision of a doctor trained in its proper usage, the product has an excellent safety profile with minimal or no short or long-term side effects. I also learned that the 10-15 percent of users who end up in emergency go there due to using a dosage prescribed for another person.

Each person’s ideal dosage for a sustained (less than 4 hours) and very healthy erection is different. Dr. Craig administered an on-the-spot ultrasound to evaluate my penile blood flow. He taught me how to prepare a safe, sterile shot, how to and where on my penis to inject Trimix, as well as how to be alerted to potential complications, especially priapism. I saw Dr. Craig 4 times within a week, each time he advised me with patience and kindness. Each time he injected the product, we got closer and closer to my ideal dosage.

I now confidently inject Trimix without fear of overdosing. The knowledge that I can rely on it to provide me with a guaranteed healthy and sustained erection without side effects has increased my sexual confidence. I am so grateful to Dr. Craig, Steven and the Rev team. They have given me an amazing gift of greater sexual self-assurance."

– Shawn, 52


"I just read a recent testimonial about Trimix from a gentleman named Shawn; if I was as eloquent and as succinct as Shawn, I could have written a very similar testimonial – all so true. I too experienced the sincere, kind and caring guidance from Dr. Craig in explaining and demonstrating the administration of Trimix, during a recent event in the Northeast.

After only two self-administered applications, and 3 guided applications with Dr. Craig, I am totally confident and now no longer averse to using a small prick needle and avoid the horrible side effects I have experienced with oral medications for years.

I have been sharing my experiences with a lot of my buddies, which is a stark contrast of my old practice of hiding my use of oral erectile dysfunction medications; for some reason, I am not embarrassed or shy telling partners about this "hormone therapy," as I call it.

I still worry a bit about the stigma of using a needle to administer it, but I think because I am so happy about my erections, I am much more open about sharing my pleasure and my hard-ons with my buddies.

I happened to mention it to a longtime buddy yesterday, he said it was "old" therapy and is known to work "too good." I was a bit taken aback by his response, but he never actually used it himself. I told him it may be "old" but it’s effective and perfect for me. “Old” can be good, especially when well tested and administered properly by a physician.

I have experienced varying degrees of erectile dysfunction since I was a young man and I have never had a solution that comes even close to the effectiveness of Trimix. At my ripe old age of 58, as a top gay man, my initial use of Trimix these last several weeks has been so stress free and refreshing – to be able to deliver like I always imagined. I am harder than I was when I was in my twenties and my confident sex reflects this new-found excitement."

– John, 58


Men who have sex with other men have unique needs, interests and styles of play.

That’s why we’re focused directly on our own brothers, ensuring the best possible experiences.