Demonstration on reconstituting Trimix.

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The steps to reconstitution (mixing) are:

  1. Remove the caps from the vial containing the powder and Bacteriostatic Water. Wipe the tops with the alcohol swabs and let dry.

  2. Using the provided mixing syringe tighten the needle to the hub then pull back the plunger to the amount directed, usually 5ml/cc, and insert the needle into the Bacteriostatic Water vial.

  3. Push the plunger in to insert the amount of air (5ml/cc) and then draw out the same amount of Bacteriostatic Water directed on your prescription, usually 5ml/cc by slowly pulling the plunger out.

  4. Remove the needle from the Bacteriostatic Water vial and insert it into the vial containing the powder.

  5. Slowly push the plunger to release all the Bacteriostatic Water within the syringe into the vial containing the powder.

  6. Draw out the same volume of air that was injected from the vial containing the powder before removing the needle. This will keep the pressure equal within the vial. Swirl the vial until the solution is clear.

  7. Discard remaining Bacteriostatic Water and refrigerate the medicine.