Demonstration on reconstituting (mixing) Trimix.

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The steps to reconstitution (mixing) are:

  1. Break the color flip top cap on the medication vial that is marked as Trimix. 

  2. Clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol wipe. Wipe the rubber stopper before every injection to ensure sterility.

  3. Connect the needle to the Bacteriostatic water syringe.

  4. Inject the full contents of the syringe into the medication vial.

  5. Shake or swirl vial gently until all powder is dissolved.

  6. Refrigerate/Freeze medication vial between uses.

  7. If you freeze your vial of medication, let it completely thaw before drawing out medication. Usually 15-30 minutes.

  8. We recommend drawing up 10-15 pre-filled syringes to your dose and keep them in the freezer. They only take 30 seconds to thaw before use. 

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