What To Expect during a Trimix Evaluation


Private Evaluation: You will enter the examination room and be invited to take a seat for a few questions about your medical history.

Group Evaluation: You’ll enter a large sitting room for a discussion about Trimix, its risks and benefits, and be invited to ask questions before proceeding to the physical evaluation.


The doctor will ask you to remove your clothing, initially stripping to your underwear for the examination.


The doctor will then check your vital signs, examine your heart and lungs to ensure that you’re fit to receive an injection (if your heart is racing or your blood pressure is too high, you may be asked to return when you’re in a more normal state).


After examining your heart and lungs, the doc will put some lube at the base of your penis and place the ultrasound probe over your penis to listen to blood flow through its vessels. This is completely painless, and is similar to the procedure that pregnant moms have done to check the baby’s heartbeat. 



At this point, the doctor will suggest whether Trimix may be right for you, and determine the starting dose.


Then, the doctor will draw up the correct dose of Trimix in a small syringe with a very small needle (the kind we use to inject Botox around the eyes), showing you the correct technique.


He will clean the area on the shaft of your penis for the injection, and then he will inject the correct amount of Trimix into the shaft (side) of your penis, showing you the correct technique.

 To see a video where the doctor describes the anatomy of the penis and performs a test dose injection, click here.


Then the doctor will show you how to place pressure on the site of injection with one finger as you massage your penis to move the medicine around inside the shaft. 


Private Evaluation: The doctor will observe you for a few minutes as you continue to massage your penis and check for signs of the medication working, and will review procedures for you to return for assistance should your erection last longer than 4 hours.

Group Evaluation: The doctor will confirm that you’re getting an initial response to the medication and then invite you to remain with the group for further stimulation (porn, voyeurism, sex play) to assess whether you may need additional Trimix dosing for an optimal response.


Before you leave, the doctor will give you his card and phone number so that you can text the time your erection subsides, and you can contact him with any questions or concerns in follow-up.


You will likely walk out the door with a hard on, potentially a raging one. Be sure to plan for where you’re going, and what you’re wearing, since it may be hard to hide (that can be a good thing, or a real snag, depending on how you’ve planned).


If you choose Rev membership with ongoing treatment, you and the doctor may decide to supply you with additional pre-filled syringes of varying doses, or may even be able to dispense the appropriate medication for your subsequent use. Over the ensuing few days, you and your doctor will make dose adjustments based on each response, moving toward your optimal Trimix dose. Meanwhile, the pharmacist will be preparing your Trimix medication and supplies/syringes for delivery directly to your home or office (your choice).