Testimonials from Rev clients

"I answered an ad for Rev and had heard of the product Trimix, but not necessarily positive stories about its use as a “street drug” and being dosed and used without appropriate physician supervision, landing people in emergency rooms for urgent treatment of priapism (extended duration erections over 4 hours).

I am a healthy and fit gay man in my early 50s and regularly have used an erectile dysfunction medication for over a decade. I was motivated however to contact Rev for a physician referral to inform myself about Trimix, since Viagra or Cialis frequently gave me a headache and other negative side effects when I used it. 

At my Rev appointment, I was greeted by the Rev team and was put immediately at ease by their professionalism, before I got to see a physician, Dr. Craig, who dispelled the myths of Trimix for me. I learned that the drug is administered by a very small needle that was easy to tolerate. He assured me that, if used with the advice and supervision of a doctor trained in its proper usage, the product has an excellent safety profile with minimal or no short or long-term side effects. I also learned that the 10-15 percent of users who end up in emergency go there due to using a dosage prescribed for another person.

Each person’s ideal dosage for a sustained (less than 4 hours) and very healthy erection is different. Dr. Craig administered an on-the-spot ultrasound to evaluate my penile blood flow. He taught me how to prepare a safe, sterile shot, how to and where on my penis to inject Trimix, as well as how to be alerted to potential complications, especially priapism. I saw Dr. Craig 4 times within a week, each time he advised me with patience and kindness. Each time he injected the product, we got closer and closer to my ideal dosage.

I now confidently inject Trimix without fear of overdosing. The knowledge that I can rely on it to provide me with a guaranteed healthy and sustained erection without side effects has increased my sexual confidence. I am so grateful to Dr. Craig, Steven and the Rev team. They have given me an amazing gift of greater sexual self-assurance."

– Shawn, 52


"I just read a recent testimonial about Trimix from a gentleman named Shawn; if I was as eloquent and as succinct as Shawn, I could have written a very similar testimonial – all so true. I too experienced the sincere, kind and caring guidance from Dr. Craig in explaining and demonstrating the administration of Trimix, during a recent event in the Northeast.

After only two self-administered applications, and 3 guided applications with Dr. Craig, I am totally confident and now no longer averse to using a small prick needle and avoid the horrible side effects I have experienced with oral medications for years.

I have been sharing my experiences with a lot of my buddies, which is a stark contrast of my old practice of hiding my use of oral erectile dysfunction medications; for some reason, I am not embarrassed or shy telling partners about this "hormone therapy," as I call it.

I still worry a bit about the stigma of using a needle to administer it, but I think because I am so happy about my erections, I am much more open about sharing my pleasure and my hard-ons with my buddies.

I happened to mention it to a longtime buddy yesterday, he said it was "old" therapy and is known to work "too good." I was a bit taken aback by his response, but he never actually used it himself. I told him it may be "old" but it’s effective and perfect for me. “Old” can be good, especially when well tested and administered properly by a physician.

I have experienced varying degrees of erectile dysfunction since I was a young man and I have never had a solution that comes even close to the effectiveness of Trimix. At my ripe old age of 58, as a top gay man, my initial use of Trimix these last several weeks has been so stress free and refreshing – to be able to deliver like I always imagined. I am harder than I was when I was in my twenties and my confident sex reflects this new-found excitement."

– John, 58

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