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We recognize the importance of sex in a man’s life. That’s why we offer an evaluation of the key drivers of sexual satisfaction including sex drive – “Am I feeling it? Is ‘Low-T’ playing a role?”– and sex performance – “Am I going to be able to get hard? Stay hard? What if the little blue pills aren’t working? Can Trimix help ?”

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When it comes to enjoying sex, there are speed bumps we encounter including sex drive (libido) and energy. The first hurdle to clear is having the interest and energy for sex.


If you’ve noticed that you have trouble getting or staying hard, don’t sell yourself short thinking “I’m too old” or “I’m too out of shape” or “I’m on medication that makes it impossible to get it up.” There’s help to improve your performance.



Tired of being judged because you like sex so much? We get it. We go to the same events and parties, we deal with the same things as you; we're more alike than you would guess.


Robert, 47
San Francisco, CA

I had been with guys who used Trimix so I knew how great the stuff was before I actually experienced it myself but I really wasn’t expecting it to affect my life in so many other non sexual ways.

I’m more at ease and relaxed, all of the time – I’m not worried that my dick’s not going to get hard. I’m more confident. I’m happy. I find myself smiling for no reason in particular and I can draw a clear line from those side effects to the start of my Trimix use. 

Dr. Craig made the experience very comfortable. Although I was nervous at first, I was not embarrassed by my situation (as I had been with my regular doctor at Kaiser who at the end of every visit I have with her asks me “is there anything else I can do for you? Do you need any script?” To which I always reply “Trimix” before hearing her response of laughter and “You don’t need that.“ ) 

Craig understood my problem. He explained how to administer the medication and then showed me how. It was painless and effortless. Trimix and the guys at Rev have truly changed my life! Thank you guys so much - I’m amazed! 

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Men who have sex with other men have unique needs, interests and styles of play.

That’s why we’re focused directly on our own brothers, ensuring the best possible experiences.