Frequently Asked Questions - CLAW 2019

Do I need to RSVP for any of the REV Workshops at CLAW?

YES!! The workshop on Safe and Effective use of Trimix has limited availability and the team at CLAW has asked that you sign up ahead of time to ensure your spot in the limited availability conference setting. Our workshops are provided to you as part of the CLAW programming. REV is providing the clinical expertise to share insights into how Trimix can be used safely and effectively. There is no charge for CLAW participants. For overflow seating, show up at the REV Workshop venues Friday and Saturday (April 25 and 26) and bring your Trimix dose if you have it. Best bet: register ahead. You also can go to the REV table at the CLAW Vendor Mart if you have any questions about our work shops or evaluations.

Can I buy an injection of Trimix at the REV Workshop?

NO. Trimix is a prescription drug, and as such is not for sale. If you have Trimix, bring your dose to the workshop as there will be several experienced users to give insight and tips to help you use it more effectively. If you do NOT have Trimix, but would like to be evaluated for a prescription, you may see either your doctor OR, better, schedule an evaluation with the REV professionals during CLAW.

SO, how can I get Trimix for the workshops and parties to follow at CLAW?

For attendees who currently don’t have Trimix to use, they can book an evaluation on the REV website for CLAW. Both private and group evaluations will be available to make the experience closer to your style, and more accessible. REV also will be attending the FLEX Bathhouse parties Friday and Saturday to help current REV patients with their Trimix.

How much does Trimix cost?

First time evaluation and Trimix injection is  $79. After your evaluation and initial injection, CLAW attendees can buy the treatment package for use all week long and for months to follow for $299. The treatment package consists of unlimited access to the doctor and team by phone, text, email, videoconference, face-to-face and even house calls in select locations as well as medication, injectable antidote, syringes/supplies and everything you need to use the medication safely and effectively. And travel kit!

We also are offering for CLAW attendees a Group Evaluation/Trimix Demo for $30. This will consist of a mini-consult with a REV physician and Trimix test dose.  Think of it as test driving a new Porsche Carrera but with your cock instead. Who wouldn’t sign up for that!?! Check our website for days and times (Book CLAW - Cleveland) and sign up now. 

What forms of payment will REV accept? 

REV accepts most credit cards and cash. REV does not accept personal checks. 


What if I happen to lose my Trimix medication? 

You want to handle and store your medication carefully. We recommend that you always pre-fill syringes at home to reduce the possibility of losing or damaging your Trimix solution.  However, in the event you happen to lose your medication, we will be happy to replace it with a new bottle at $349, our regular price.


Do I have to inject myself at the workshop? 

One of main purposes of the workshop is to teach men who want to use Trimix to overcome their fears or hesitancies about self-injection and feel comfortable and skilled injecting Trimix to the penis. Trained REV staff will be present to guide you through the injection. You’ll be surprised at how easy it really is.


How long will my erection last?

You will learn that the response to Trimix will vary considerably among men. That’s why your doctor has selected a dose that he feels is appropriate for you. At REV, you’ll work with the doctor to achieve an erection for the duration of play that you prefer. There’s no “cookie cutter” approach, since we all play differently.


What if my erection lasts longer than I want after my injection? 

At the time of your evaluation before the Trimix Workshop, the REV physician will give you contact information so that you can advise him of the results of your injection, whether you attend the CLAW workshops or not. Should you experience difficulty with your erection, you must contact him immediately and he will tell you how to handle the matter. Moreover, REV staff also will be attending the REV workshops and its parties and will be happy to offer assistance, if needed. 


Will I be naked for the workshop?

You are not required to be naked at the workshop. If you want to inject Trimix during the session, you will need to remove your pants to the extent that you can inject the medication effectively. If getting naked allows you to feel the most comfortable to inject Trimix, by all means, get naked! 

Is there sex during the workshop? 

We’re suppose to say “no,” but the answer is “yes, there will be a ton of sex.” The workshop is designed for a “lecture, discussion, medication administration” format. The workshops precede many of the sex parties at CLAW. We at REV recognize that it will be challenging to control your excitement from a highly charged, rock-hard erection, and participants are free to step aside and, well, start their party early. 


I might want to befriend other users of Trimix to learn and share experiences with it. Can REV help me locate other users? 

For reasons of medical confidentiality, REV does not identify its clients. You are always free to contact REV staff to answer questions and/or seek further guidance. REV will have a table at the CLAW Vendor Mart to answer any of your questions about the use of Trimix and REV’s schedule of events there. So many horny men at CLAW. Simply look for those with the hardest cock and longest-lasting erection. Giving men the confidence to enjoy sex every time and anytime is our only business.